Event Info

Event Info

The Hawke’s Bay Adventure Race is an authentic adventure race, which will take you in teams of 2 or 4* mixed or single gender, across a picturesque course. The course will include core disciplines consisting of mountain biking, walking/running, rope skills and navigation. There will also be other surprise activities along the way. Be prepared for a super fun day out where you and your team will collect as many points as possible in the 6 hours.
* Youth teams are to be teams of 4 and is limited to 20 Youth teams.

Live Tracking Link with SPOT NZ http://hbadventurerace.nz/1_6_event-info.html
There are two race registrations; you and your team must attend one of them. Please select either Friday or Saturday registration on your entry form. The main registration is on Friday 13th July.  There is a 2nd registration on Saturday morning 14th July for teams coming from out of Hawke's Bay only and are unable to make the Friday Registration.

Registration 1: 5-7pm Friday 13th July Havelock North Function Centre, Lantern Gallery (see map below). Bring your whole team, at least 1 member of your support crew plus all your compulsory gear (except your bike) and we will see you there. 

Registration 2 For Teams coming from out of Hawke's Bay only and are unable to make the Friday Registration: 6-7:30 am Saturday 14th July near the start Bring your whole team, at least 1 member of your support crew plus all your compulsory gear (except your bike, but you will need it for the race) and we will see you there.

The 2018 HBAR will start at a secret location in the Hastings District 45 minutes’ drive from Havelock North, this location will be announced at Registration on Friday and emailed on Friday night to teams registering on Saturday

Race registration (Friday or Saturday as per RACE REGISTRATION)


07.30HRS RACE HQ Team Captains only to collect Maps and course notes (for teams and support crew)  Sport Ident and SPOT devices.  




16.00HRS (Approx) RESULTS & PRIZE GIVING Results and prize giving
There will be a BBQ meal for competitors from approx 14.30HRS (extra tickets can be purchased when entering).


Your team is to be made up of 2 or 4 mixed or single gender.

Youth teams can only be 4 team members and are limited to 20 teams - age equivalent to secondary school years 9 through to years 13

Age Limit - Youth from secondary school year 9 age to adults
Your team must have an appointed leader (Team Captain) who will be the interface with the organisation.

  • He /She will receive information, instructions and will be notified of any kind of decision taken by the organisation.
  • He/She will advise the organisation of matters such as withdrawal of a team member, or the entire team, or be the spokesman for any complaints or protests. He/She is also responsible overall for the entire team. At least two team members will need to be able to navigate with a compass and topographic map and an Orienteering Map.
  • You will need to be familiar with safety equipment such as climbing harnesses, helmets.
  • You will need to provide all your own nutritional sustenance during the race itself. It is a good idea to train in a variety of terrains and conditions that you may expect to encounter during the race.
  • The Hawke’s Bay Adventure Race will include the following terrains; hills, rivers, streams, farmland and forests. 

Your team will require a support crew who will transport your equipment between transition areas. Your support crew must be a minimum of 1 person with a vehicle. Bring your family and friends to support you along the way but please leave all dogs at home. 

Download notes for your support crew here:

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